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  1. General Dog Discussion
    The base appears as a pimple but the thing sticking out looks like a park of his skin that appears like a scabby cyst any info would help. Doesnt seem like its at all bothersome to Mango yet but its increasing in size the last week or so
  2. Dog Health and Food
    My dog is a morkie about 12lbs he keeps getting these little pimple like bumps one got infected so we took him to the vet and she just said to do warm compresses and put a cream on it. But he keeps getting them they seem to dry and open eventually and then I’m able to pop out a hard tiny ball...
  3. Dog Training and Behavior
    So i was walking my dog earlier and its cold and snowy and i noticed above his butt under his tail it was red. So when i got home i checked my dogs butthole area and saw some pimple like things on and above hit butt area. Not sure what it is or if i should pop them? Is it worth the vet visit or...
  4. Dog Health and Food
    Hi guys! My little 8 week old puppy has these pimples on her stomach in which I just noticed today. She has not been scratching it and it doesn’t seem to bother her but they kind of look scary. If anyone knows what this is I would love some feedback!
  5. Dog Health and Food
    (4 attached pictures) Already made a vet appt. - just was curious if the community here has seen anything similar, if this type of thing is common, etc. So my shih-tzu is 10 yrs old now, has generally had good heath. She's on 'revolution' for ticks/fleas/mites/heartworm etc. About a month...
  6. Dog Health and Food
    Should I worry about this pimple ? Its 4 week old puppy , German Shepherd Image :
  7. Dog Health and Food
    Hello, My JRT pup has rash. I can't find the reason and i am very concerned. Two vets examined him and they said, it has to be an allergy, but still i am a bit worried. After a walk, Pippin's belly is a bit reddish in color. And some pimples and little red spots appear. 2 -3 hours after he is...
1-7 of 7 Results