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  1. big pimple, seeing vet on Thurs...

    Dog Health
    (4 attached pictures) Already made a vet appt. - just was curious if the community here has seen anything similar, if this type of thing is common, etc. So my shih-tzu is 10 yrs old now, has generally had good heath. She's on 'revolution' for ticks/fleas/mites/heartworm etc. About a month...
  2. Need help , Pimple problem

    Dog Health
    Should I worry about this pimple ? Its 4 week old puppy , German Shepherd Image :
  3. 3 months old puppy with Skin rash /pimples/

    Dog Health
    Hello, My JRT pup has rash. I can't find the reason and i am very concerned. Two vets examined him and they said, it has to be an allergy, but still i am a bit worried. After a walk, Pippin's belly is a bit reddish in color. And some pimples and little red spots appear. 2 -3 hours after he is...