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  1. Mini Photoshoot

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    I finally picked up my real camera (not my cellphone), I had been avoiding it after football season ended, and decided to do a mini photoshoot with Trucker. I think it went pretty okay for only lasting about 15 minutes.
  2. Please help and vote for Mollie!

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi everyone, (Sorry to ask you but I need as many as possible) This year has been a nightnare year for my partner and I - we are really struggling to save for our wedding and we are desperate to save money wherever possible and with two dogs it is not easy... We have entered Mollie into a...
  3. Cute Puppy Photo Shoot (Gramercy)

    Dog Art
    If you have an super cute puppy (or kitten) about 1-9 months old that you want to make a star of a photo shoot, please send pictures with a name, age, breed, temper, how much training and from where you come. We're setting up a shoot in the month of May. The shoot will take place in our...
  4. Frost on the Pumpkin

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Lets see everyones autumn pictures! Would love to see some romping in leaves...
  5. My new puppy hopefully!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey guys! I have a photo of my puppy that i am getting saturday!!! She is GORGEOUS to me :D I cannot think of any names.. Except Zi and Skye that i like, but i thought id ask you guys to help!! :D if you know of any really nice names for her it would be GREAT! and no, not spot HAHA :D