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  1. Containment Anxiety when it's dark out.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey, all, so, last month my girlfriend and I rescued a year and a half old male Akita mix named "Remi." Anyways, long story short, we've had A LOT of trial and error from multiple crate escapes and digging/tearing up the carpet when kept in a room while we were at work. We figured he had some...
  2. Does your dog have firework phobia?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, My name is Emma Cotterill and I am currently studying in my final year of my Veterinary Nursing degree. I have chosen my dissertation topic based upon firework phobia in dogs. I am looking to find dog owners where there dogs suffer from firework phobia, including hiding or crying when...
  3. Dog has Phobia of Crossing Thresholds

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Our seven year old shih tzu has developed a peculiar phobia over the past 12 months. It started out where she would fear crossing the threshold dividing one room from another. Often she would have no problem entering a room, but would fuss and cry at the doorway when she wanted to leave the...
  4. 80lb Dog Afraid of Stairs-I Live in 2nd Story Apartment Please Help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My fiance and I just adopted a two-year-old 80lb Great Pyrenees/Husky mix and she is absolutely perfect except for this one phobia of stairs (though she is also scared of dark shadows, flinches sometimes when you pet over her head to fast, and doesn't like covered walkways, which is where the...
  5. Unusual Phobias in Dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Does anyone's dog experience claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) or acrophobia (fear of heights)? Can you attribute that fear from an incident during their puppyhood? My dog suffers these phobias, but because I adopted her when she was year old, I don't know where her fears comes from. Any...