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  1. Phenobarbital and Kidney Failure?

    Dog Health
    So, roughly 8 months ago, I began noticing my 14 yo Border Collie to start bobbing his head at random. It was just random and he would kinda stumble a bit. Sitting still or walking, it happened every now and again. So I decided to take him to get checked out. My vet said that she believed it to...
  2. [Shiba Inu] Sleeping Pills for U.S Independence Day?

    Dog Health
    My dog has seizures , a lot, on fourth of July. (Because of the very loud fireworks) trying to isolate her physically from the sound is impossible in my house and in this neighborhood, are there any medications (pill form or injections) I can give to her at home just to make her sleep for 12-16...
  3. My 2 1/2 Year old Labrador is limping

    General Dog Discussion
    Georgia, my 2 1/2 year old Labrador Retriever limps when she wakes up in the morning and after taking naps. No injury that I'm aware of. I have had her for a little over a year and she is a wonderful happy girl. I noticed the limping about 4 days ago, but I'm not sure if it has been sudden or...
  4. Phenobarbital. Insight PLEASE!

    Dog Health
    Hello Scary time for me and my 3 year old 1.8lb Chihuahua Pablo! Anything you may have to say helps! To begin with, my dog seized for over 8 hours has been on Pheno for 3 days for treatment of what we believe to be Epilepsy. He is sleeps 90% of the day. He wakes a few times a day for short...
  5. I feel badly putting my dog on Phenobarbital

    Dog Health
    Hi all! My 4-year-old lab mix recently started having seizures. They were few & far between at first, but once he had 3 within a 3-month period of time, my vet recommended that he go on Phenobarbital. (His seizures are grand maul - loses control of bowels, the whole nine yards). My issue is...