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  1. My friends dog was shot and killed by a Beatrice NE police officer.

    Dog Memorials
    Please help, a very good friend of mine's dog was shot and killed by a Beatrice, NE police officer. The dog will be missed greatly if you could all take the time and read this petition requesting that not only the officer be fired but that the police force receive training in how to deal with...
  2. Petition for 'Colonel' the dog

    Dog News
    Dear Colonel, the military working-dog who has been captured by the Taliban in are not forgotten! Even though the news media now seem to have forgotten all about your sad story! This upset me so very much, so I started a petition to Rescue Colonel The Dog Petition Rescue...
  3. Hi fellow dog lovers :)

    Hi all, My name is kate and I have 2 gorgeous but very giddy spaniels who keep me fit ;) I have just joined dog forum as you will know because I am introducing myself lol but I just want to quickly mention a petition I have created and I'm asking for support from fellow members, I'm being...
  4. ***Please help with this Genuine Petition***

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi all dog forum members, I would like to tell you all about a petition I have created for tougher sentencing for animal abuse, I need to reach 100,000 signatures for this case to be heard in the House of Commons and little old me is finding it hard spreading the word further then my little...
  5. Animal Abuse and Justice

    Off Topic Discussion
    Maybe this is old news, but I JUST caught wind of this. Normally I don't usually get involved in this sort of stuff but this one REALLY got under my skin. I cannot ignore this without doing something about it. Please, everyone, help this cause. Justice for A Special Dog! | It's a...
  6. Ontario County NY Approves new 200-600 dog puppy mill - Help Stop it!

    Off Topic Discussion
    How is it that puppy mills are seen as acceptable? Gorham, NY Welcomes New Puppy Mill | Life With Dogs Thankfully, there is a petition going around. For everyone in Ontario, help sign against this! You can find the petition here: Animals Petition: New York State Health Department: Stop the...