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  1. Best pets photos

    Dog Shows
    I would like to share with you some my favorite picture of the cuttiest pets. Take a look at them by clicking this link : Pets world (@petoftheworld) • Instagram photos and videos
  2. Hello everyone

    General Dog Discussion
    wish you all a great day today
  3. How to get insurance in case of dogs injured

    Dog Health
    Refunds The main attraction of these insurances is the reimbursement of veterinary expenses. There are some who get paid 90% of the expenses, which is essential in the case of expensive operations. Medicines. Some veterinary policies also partially cover expenses on pet medicines. Prevention...
  4. Dog car travel

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hello, I am a Junior at JMU working on a project based around Dog safety in cars. If anyone has a minute or to to spare it would greatly help me out by filling our this survey
  5. It's Corgi Time!

    General Dog Discussion
    I recently designed 2 corgi shirts and thought you guys might be interested Here's the links to it if you want to purchase it: Here's a preview of it
  6. Pet Ownership Survey! All participation is appreciated :)

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey, everyone! I work for a digital advertising and marketing agency, and our client is looking for feedback from caring pet owners. As a result, we would like to offer an opportunity to participate in our survey that explores people’s experience with pet ownership. The first 100 participants...
  7. Adopt, Don't Shop! Tell me guys what you think about this

    Dog Art
    Hi! I designed a pet adoption shirt to encourage people to adopt. I wanted to see if you guys can share it and spread the word, check out the design here what do you guys think? thanks! Here's a preview of the design :):):)
  8. Found This Awesome Pug Shirt!

    General Dog Discussion
    Found this funny shirt online thought you guys might find it funny
  9. Design Dog Picture QR Code

    Dog Art
    My Dog's Picture QR Code
  10. All your pets

    Other Pets
    This thread is dedicated to all your pets not just your dogs. Feel free to post cute pictures of any pet you have. :D Pepsi - 8 years old. (Not the best picture, but he is hard to get pictures of) Fanta - 7 years old. Sprite - 4 years old. Asha - 2 years old. Plus numerous fish that...
  11. Say hi to Archie :)

    Other Pets
    We were planning on buying two rats from a breeder in Autumn, we are on the waiting list, but now we've ended up with a single rat...hmmm. Long story short we took in someone's rat, they didn't care who took him and were going to give him to someone who most likely wanted to feed him to their...
  12. Who loves Dog Portraits?

    Dog Art
    I design personalized one of a kind designs. Would you like one? Dwanedesigns
  13. My beloved friend!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hello Everybody, I'm new on this forum and on my first post i wanted to share my beloved friend who passed away couple months ago :( He was a real good friend who changed my life. I can't thank to him enough! Thank you for watching :)
  14. My girlfriend put her dog on a bracelet! Turned out so cute.

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey everyone! Here's the picture: My girlfriend started making jewelry featuring people's pets. - Imgur The idea came together last christmas when she made my sister a bracelet with a picture of her dog on it. My sister loved it so much and asked where she bought it, thinking she purchased it...
  15. What dog is best for my circumstances

    Dog Breeds
    Hi all Bill here, just signed up for the forum but been lurking for a while :) I've wanted a dog for ages n just got my own place :rockon: I won't lie it's not as easy as I thought, £120 last month just for power I actually thought it would be about a quarter of that! any how what I'm getting...
  16. R.I.P Mercury

    Dog Memorials
    Today I found out that he got very sick to the point where he immediately had to be put down. I wasn't even their sense he is more of my Parents dog. I used to live with him though,and still would visit him all the time. I helped choose him,and he was gotten from some family that had to get rid...
  17. My out takes to dog training

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello my name is patty, i got a collie crossed with a white saber, lovely dog, and what happened about a year ago she was so out of control! i had to do something, im just wanting to share to people on what helped me and i hope it helps other people out, thank you. Click here to read my story...
  18. Meet Roux

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Greetings! I just joined this fun forum. I was looking for reasons why my dog refuses to eat his new food. Anyway, here is his picture.
  19. bye Levi

    Dog Memorials
    My dog Levi passed away today 11/7/11. He was 12 going on 13 years old. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, I was hoping later, much later. I stayed home from work when I realized that he was not feeling well. I got to pet him, and rub him on his head. He was having trouble...
  20. name for pet boarding with pet cemetery

    General Dog Discussion
    I am having a very difficult time naming my home based business. It is pet boarding with a pet cemetery. I live outside of a small town in NW Montana on the prairie. I don't want to take anyone else's name though! Here are some words I like. pal...