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  1. Need advice about nasal discharge!

    Dog Health
    My 15 week old puppy has had a nasal discharge since yesterday. The discharge is greenish in color and slightly thick and mucous-like. I really only see it when he's sleeping and it's enough that I need to wipe his nose. There is minimal discharge when he is awake. He doesn't seem to have any...
  2. Should I get pet insurance?

    General Dog Discussion
    It's a very exciting time for my family and I, we are first time dog owners. After months of research and a couple of meet and greets, we finally found the one. We adopted our sweet girl Penny, she is perfect and jut wonderful...there is one minor detail....she is heartworm positive. She did the...
  3. I am so thankful that I got pet insurance

    General Dog Discussion
    I just wanted to urge anyone that doesn't have pet insurance to give real consideration to getting it. A few months ago when I got my puppy I researched pet insurance. I wasn't sure about getting it because I could end up paying year after year and never using it. But then when I thought...
  4. Hello- Future Shorkie Mom doing research

    Hello everyone. In a few weeks I'll be the proud mom of a male Shorkie. I came across this forum, after doing some research on Shorkies. I'm a single mom to three kids ranging from 5 years old to 12 years old. This will be our first dog. What are the key factors that I'll need to know...
  5. Dog Insurance

    General Dog Discussion
    Yes...Pet Insurance pain in the butt to get...annoying to pay each month but get it anyway. My dog recently ran away. I thought that only bad dogs ran away and didn't come when called. Apparently not. He was in the park and got spooked. He took off running in blind panic. He can hit 30mph on a...
  6. Pet Insurance - Recommendations or Alternatives

    Dog Health
    My husband and I are planning on getting pet insurance of our future dog and our cat. However I've been reading about pet owners being better off not having pet insurance and instead, save the money that would be sent to pet insurance on a separate savings account. Would I be better off...