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  1. Dog Art
    Just finished these for my neighbour. Sonic gets to camping with us, but cats stay home, and our neighbour drops in daily when we are away. I promised her full colour, all three together, but to date, she has not got me a picture, so I did two of her three as small studies, just to let her know...
  2. Dog Art
    here are some drawings of dogs i drew this one is a springer spaniel this one are of two dachshunds this one is of scamp off of Lady and the Tramp II this one is of a jack russel terrier please comment and put your input on my pics
  3. Dog Art
    Howdy! I didn't want to clutter up Ottertails post, so here are some dog pics which I did with either charcoal or a 2b pencil. I hope you like them! His name is "Bruno", aint he a looker? :) They call him "Deuce". ...For a hunting bud, called it "The Retrieve": Thanks for...