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pembroke welsh corgi

  1. Are this Corgi's parts uhh...normal?

    Dog Health
    I bought an adorable 8 week old corgi two weeks ago. While giving her some belly rubs my husband asked me if her lady parts seemed normal to me. I haven't had a girl dog since I was about 14 and he has never had a dog ever. So neither of us are experts in doggy vaginas. Can anyone please tell...
  2. Looking for advice and opinions!

    New Additions
    Hi everyone! I'm looking to adopt a corgi puppy and have been doing a lot of research on breeders. I've been in contact with a few and they have all been very helpful. I believe I have narrowed my search down to two but am curious on others' thoughts on how to proceed. Breeder #1 I feel the...
  3. First Corgi: Help!

    New Additions
    Hi! My names Jalen and I'll be getting a Pembroke Corgi in 2 months. I know the breeders and am certain that they are good breeders so don't worry about that! I just need help with food, grooming, etc. Any recommended foods, toys, grooming equipment? I would be very grateful if somebody helped...