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pee in cage

  1. Pit/Boxer Crate Training Regression?

    Hi All- I've got an adopted pit/boxer a bit over a year old who is a little angel baby. when we adopted her about a month ago, we began crating her during the day and coming home for her at lunchtime for a walk and a pee and some lunch. We got into a great routine where she'd easily make it...
  2. Crate Training Challenges - Am I Just Not Getting It?

    New Additions
    Hi All, This is my first post on the forum so I hope it is in the correct place. I adopted Willa, a 3.5 month old terrier mix, from the shelter last week. She is my first puppy (I have adopted two older dogs who have since passed) and I am definitely feeling the challenges of training a...
  3. My dog pees in crate before I can take him out!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, We have just rescued a 10 week pit/lab mix 6 days ago. The first night he yelped to get out of crate, but after more introducing he has gotten better. He didn't cry at all when he went in last night, he started whining and barking at 3:30am. I got up to take him out but he had already...
  4. Dachshund house training, behavior problems, and gross habits

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everybody! This is my first time posting and it is preeeetty long, but I really need help with my sweet dachshund, Oliver. He is a 9 month old longhaired dachshund. We bought our first dachshund, Lucy, at a pet store in town and she was healthy and easy to crate train. She has some...
  5. Puppy Pees in Cage When We Come Home

    Puppy Help
    Ok, so we have two dogs; one is 1 years old and the other is almost 4 months old. This is concerning our youngest. His name is Dakota and he is part german shepherd/ part collie. He is a very well behaved dog and responds very well to the training! We just have two problems. Our oldest dog has...