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  1. An accident that has caused leg and foot problems.

    Dog Health
    Hello, My dog Turbo is a happy active kelpie. He fell off the back of a ute a few years ago, hyper-extending his wrist. After a long recovery he can still walk on it, but we keep having continuous issues with that leg and paw. The pad of his injured leg is... I want to say weaker than it use...
  2. what is inbewteen my pups toes? *pic*

    Dog Health
    Hi all, this is long but I need your help. I was wondering if this is normal on my pups paws. They just seem swollen, they don't hurt him and nothing is stuck in between toes. He's not licking or limping. I can touch his toes with no problems. He seems to be walking, running, playing just fine...
  3. Red bumps on front paws

    Dog Health
    My dog has developed several round red bumps on his front paws/legs over the past week. They are multiplying and getting larger. Some are on the side of his paws, one on his knuckle, another underneath his paw and a couple mid leg. He is licking his paws, but that started after the bumps...
  4. cut on foot

    Dog Health
    my dog just cut his foot by his paw. It isn't a large wound, but the tissue is flapped. If it was my wound I would try butterfly bandages, but things are trickier with dogs. I have had bad experiences with stitches and staples in the foot. They just come right out. I once had to have them...