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  1. What is this on my dog's paw? Picture

    Dog Health
    50 pound pointer mix. One year old. She got this "thing" on her paw about a week ago. It bleeds when she runs too hard on it, but it is not causing a limp. We were hoping it would go away on its own, but it has not. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks!
  2. Dog paw growth?

    Dog Health
    Hello, I have a maltese/yorkie, she is around 9 years old. Around 8 months ago, my dog started licking her paw. I noticed a bump that has gotten a little bigger over time. During the 8 months I've taken her to the vet many times. I've placed her on antibiotics once, and used some topic...
  3. Dachshund white spots in paw pads

    Dog Health
    Hi, I have an 8 year old dachshund, and last week I noticed she was walking in a strange way and (kind of) limping from her back paws. I noticed some skin on her four paw pads was peeling, and I'm not sure if they were swollen. When I touched them she didn't cry or move. I also applied some...
  4. My dog has a very bad blister on paw pad/need advice

    Dog Health
    Hello and thank you for your time. I have a bluenose Staffordshire Bull Terrier. About 2 months ago (Middle of summer) i took my dog for a walk on a hot day and i completely and irresponsibly took her for too long of a walk cause she started to limp a bit(I don't think her paws built up enough...
  5. Leg Sore + Flaky paw?

    Dog Health
    [/IMG] Hello! My 2 year old female bull terrier has been licking at a sore on her leg and it looks like brownish small hairs are now growing out of the sore and i have no idea what it is. Also, her paw looks discolored and flaky. Any ideas of whats going on? Thanks...
  6. Growth On Bottom of Dog's Paw

    Dog Health
    Hello, I recently noticed that on the bottom of my sister's dog's paw, he has some type of growth or callous on one of his pads. At first I thought it was a callous, but then i researched and figured it could possibly be what is called a Corn. I'm worried and I am wondering if anyone here knew...
  7. Leathery growth on dog paw

    Dog Health
    Hello, I have a 5 month old golden doodle puppy and I recently noticed a strange looking growth on three of her paws. They stick out between the pads of her paws and are flat and leathery. I couldn't find anything that looked like them online and our vet is out of town for a while. Has anyone...
  8. Pup wrongly trained to give Paw everytime he sits...

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi Everyone, My fiance & I have a puppy and he stays at her house half of the time. While we work my fiance's mom must try teaching the pup a few things, and he now thinks he is supposed to give paw everytime he sits. So whenever i command him to sit, he does, but he lifts his paw up LOL...
  9. Dog in splint, developed skin infection in paw

    Dog Health
    Hey All, My 5 month old lab/shepherd puppy hurt his leg so we put him in a splint for awhile. During that 2 week time-frame in a splint, he developed a skin infection on his paw. He is on antibiotics, but his paw pad on one of his toes is falling off. I'm worried because underneath his pad...
  10. Strange growth found in between toes on paw

    Dog Health
    I was out of town last week, so my mother watched my 4 year-old Weimaraner for me. He's always a little ichy/licks a bit after he stays with her because he's a littler sensitive to grass. This time around I noticed him licking his paws a little more than usual, so naturally I investigated and am...
  11. Help! Fleshy growth on my dogs paw!

    I have a 4 year old black Labrador retriever....I just noticed a weird fleshy nasty looking growth in between her toes. She kept licking it and it was bleeding. Took her to the vet, the vet said it was infected. She is on antibiotics to stop the infection. However, the vet doesn't really know...
  12. my dog tore his paws

    Dog Health
    Hi, My dog tore the pads on his paws. The pads have cuts and are torn in some places. I keep them washed and put thick socks on his paws when we go outside. There is no infection, just the wounded areas. Should I wait till they heal or should I take the dog to the vet?
  13. Odd red color furr around paw

    Dog Health
    So my bright white lab mix has been licking her front paw lately and there is red furr there now. I read online this could be allergy related or maybe yeast of some sort. Does anyone know of any easy quick home remedy for this? I put bitter apple on the site and that temporarily kept her from...
  14. limping puppy?

    Dog Health
    two days ago i noticed my puppy(Semper Fi0 limping just a slight one. and then yesterday it was a little worse but she plays with my other puppy and he gets rough (shes a GSD 7ish months 50-60lb Semper Fi, and hes a GSD/lab year and a month, 80-85lb Chase) she starts the fights alot and ends up...
  15. Mysterious Bumps

    Dog Health
    Hi Fourm, Just to let you know I am new so It may not be the best post. My 6 year old dog,Female,Mini pin has developed these"bumps" they are around the neck many people say "this is a mole" Or"pus pockets" All i know is sometimes white gooey stuff will come out! Plz Let me know what this is if...
  16. Something is wrong with my dog paw :s

    Dog Health
    he is very sensitive so i cant really get a good look at them i manege to take a picture of one paw but i cant check the others i dont know what it could be (online it said it might be allergies) i check his paws at least once a month last time i did they were fine but this morning i checked and...