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paw limping pad

  1. Odd growth on bottom of paw

    Dog Health
    Our 9 month old corgi began limping today after a weekend with my parents. When we looked at her paw there was an odd looking growth and redness right next to the pad. The growth is shown in the picture below (sorry for the huge size). We looked on other forums and the only thing we could find...
  2. my dog tore his paws

    Dog Health
    Hi, My dog tore the pads on his paws. The pads have cuts and are torn in some places. I keep them washed and put thick socks on his paws when we go outside. There is no infection, just the wounded areas. Should I wait till they heal or should I take the dog to the vet?
  3. Growth and Fleshy Things With Redness Coming From Between My Dogs Pads

    Dog Health
    So Ava (80lb Yellow Lab, no health issues) started limping and I took her to the vet. We found a little bump between her outer and middle pad on her left foot. The vet pulled it and made it bleed. She thinks its a foreign body and gave me antibiotics (cephalexin) and a soak to soak her foot in...