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  1. Exerpt from Brad Pattison book - Unleashed

    Dog Training and Behavior
    An excerpt from Unleashed.... some people see "alpha" everywhere When submissiveness is "alpha" you know these are the opinions of an idiot
  2. Submissive urination is .... manipulation?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    A dog with a history of defensive and fearful aggression with one documented defensive bite. Brad Pattison (At the end of my leash / In the dog house) enters the household and the fearful dog responds by barking. Brad sees this as a challenge to his 'alpha position'. What kind of pathetic...
  3. "Because dogs don't listen when they are excited."

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Several weeks ago I inadvertently stumbled upon a group of dog owners that had signed up for “Street Safety“ classes led by a supposedly “certified” trainer. Too bad that the certification in question was awarded by Brad Pattison*. "Because dogs don't listen when they are excited." That's...