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  1. Fleas, mites and other parasites

    Dog Health
    Hello dear friends, if someone knows a dog owner whos dog has fleas or mites and who would like to test a 100% natural product, please let me know (simply send a short message). A friend of mine is working on the development of a new product on a 100% natural basis, which is totally effective...
  2. External parasites and their treatments

    Dog Health
    WHAT IS A PARASITE? External parasites are pretty common among dogs. A parasite is an organism that lives off the resources your dog has to offer: namely, fresh blood (which most parasites drink) and a warm place to stay (in and on the skin and fur). What are the common parasites that might...
  3. Fleas - How to get rid of them?

    Dog Health
    I'd be interested to know which spot-ons or sprays you use and what results you are getting. The link below offers some tips... Newsletter - Fleas - Who sprays flea spray into their hoover before vacuuming so that they can't make their way out...