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  1. How to know if I should put him down

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, My 12 year old Pit bull mix has had trouble with arthritic hip for the past 6 months. This week he lost his ability to walk or sit up. He is on pain medication and seems comfortable. He basically needs 24 hour attention since he cannot sit up or let us know when he needs to go to the...
  2. Dog is paralyzed

    Dog Health
    7 years old, unspayed pekepoo/chihuahua mix dog, weighs 20-25 pounds. She is a bit overweight. Started out with her back legs paralyzed, unable to control her pee or poop. Yesterday she lost use of her front legs as well. And they're sticking out straight in front of her, stiff. She can feel...
  3. My Dog Stretches In Pain?

    Every once in a while, my dog will stop what he's doing, lay down (practically falls down), and cry out as if in pain. This only began happening recently, so I don't know what happened that might have... triggered this? It's like he becomes paralyzed for a few seconds and then gets up and goes...
  4. Dog with paralysis tick!!

    Dog Health
    On the sunday (15th of September) I woke up to find my 9 month old red cattle dog sick with a tick, showing the usual symptoms of paralysis in the back legs, vomiting and panting. I ran my hands over her and found a paralysis tick and immediately drove her into the closest pet ER. When i handed...
  5. Great Dane with Ehrlichia

    Dog Health
    Hi guys, I have a 10 month great dane puppy he was diagnosed with ehrlichia more than 3 weeks ago, he was wobbly at first and is having problems standing up and walking but on the third day of taking doxycillin he could not walk. 20 days had already passed and he is still on meds, he seems to...