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  1. Panting

    General Dog Discussion
    I read somewhere that when a dog pants, the breath is synchronized with the heartbeat. Is this true? Can you give me link to read more about it? I want to figure out the relationship between systolic/diastolic phases to inhale/exhale. Please email me -- [email protected]
  2. Chest Injuries

    Dog Health
    My dog was chasing my other dog pretty quickly. As he was running i lifted my leg as i have done many times (he normally slows goes around) and he jumped over my leg. He didnt jump cleanly and hit his chest a bit on my shin. He has been acting mostly normal but seems to be breathing a bit...
  3. Australian Cattle Dog in health trouble....

    Dog Health
    My daughter has an ACD that is 9 or 10 yrs old. He was a rescue so we aren't sure of his exact age. He has had (in the last couple of years) some problems. He had some kidney issues, then after that liver issues, and now it's his kidneys again. He has also had pancreatitis one time. I do...
  4. My dog whines when excited, particularly in the car, not sure what to do?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My three year old collie x lab started whining during car journeys about 18 months ago and WILL NOT STOP. It's driving me crazy because I don't know how to make him stop. He generally whines when excited at home, but understands when told to be quiet (mostly). Once in the car though it is a...
  5. Staring, nudging and general restlessness.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, I am only new to the forums, I have a friend that referred me here as she felt that this is a great place to learn, so I hope to learn and help where I can. But basically our amazing boy Eddie seems to be behaving even more strangely of late. To be honest, Eddie and my cat Soss are the...
  6. Nervous Panting At Night

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have two shi-tzus and last night the old one, Checkers, was whimpering on my loft bed while I was doing something on a computer. So I whent up and sat with him and he's panting hard and he's nervous. I took him outside and he did a little, but he still was acting weird. Later I heard the...
  7. Pickles & My Playstation

    Dog Training and Behavior
    (Semi-long post...Sorry. :( ) As you can imagine, Pickles is my dog. She's a 4 year old lab/beagle mix. Very well behaved & listens very well. She's a great little(big) dog. This behavior started just recently. I just picked up a new video game for my Playstation3 (PS3). It's a...