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  1. Need a Doggy Lawyer!!

    General Dog Discussion
    Anyone have a recommendation for a lawyer that is well versed in and practicing animal law, specifically ownership/custody issues??
  2. How to make dog ownership more fun?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello everyone :) Having a dog in the family is a lot of fun but it is also a responsibility and can have some difficult aspects. I'm working on a project to solve those problems right now. But to make it successful i need to find out Your most common problems with the hopes of solving them...
  3. Will I Never See my Dog Again?

    Dog Stories
    I am looking for my sister! I am a 15 years old girl. I fear I will never see my sister. She is a beautiful chocolate Labrador, who I’ve loved so much ever since the first time I saw her at just seven weeks old. We’ve been inseparable for the past seven years. We went everywhere together and we...
  4. Legal Advice Needed in Washington State

    New Additions
    on April 2nd i had rescued a dog from a bad home. i had the owners sign an Owner Surrender letter to me. i called a rescue who had put the dog into their intake but put me down as a foster. after a week i fell in love and legally adopted this dog from the rescue organization. i paid out of...
  5. Question about transfer of dog ownership

    New Additions
    My Mother and Stepfather intend to begin divorce proceedings in the near future and would like to hand over ownership of their dog to me before they do so. What is involved in this process from a legal stand point? I dont want either of them to decide to change their mind once they begin divorce...
  6. Irresponsible dog ownership

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Irresponsible dog ownership and dogs being used as weapons are urgentand worrying issues that blight many neighbourhoods and parks. I back City Hall in calling upon the government to take immediate action to deal with the problem