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  1. I want to design a dog Kennel

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hi my name is Matt. I’m studying Industrial Design here in Auckland, New Zealand. Today we were given a brief to design an outdoor dog kennel for urban homes with small yards. I’m at a bit of a disadvantage here because I don’t own a dog myself and I was hoping I could get some help. Are there...
  2. Outdoor dog containment?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hello, I'm just wondering what you all do if you're gone all day (at the office, ect.) and have to leave your dog at home alone? Do you leave your dog outside, or do you have a doggy door to use? What about something like the attached, would you see any use in this? It's like a permanent...
  3. Help! Dog won't use bathroom in backyard

    Dog Training and Behavior
    hello everyone ! I recently just joined the dog forum because I'm really in need of some help with my dog. I rescued him about 2 months ago, he is a 6 year old black lab. When I first rescued him I had just moved into my new home that did not have a fence so of course I was taking him for...
  4. how to get outdoor dog used to being indoors?

    General Dog Discussion
    I have a 12 yr old corgi that spends the majority of his time outside. But in the fall I will be moving to an apartment, and I have every intention of bringing him with me, but I don't know what the best way too integrate him too indoor life would be. The person I'm living with now won't allow...
  5. Excessive Barking in Backyard

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We recently received our first warning from the City. One of our neighbors reported/complained that our dog has been barking excessively during the day in our backyard (while we are at work). Next time it happens, we will be fined $100. We have no choice but to get our outdoor dog used to...