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  1. doggy shampoo poll

    Dog Grooming
    We just got a new puppy and want to start our own product for her. Fully organic and made in the US. We have some options for our scents and wanted to do a poll and see what doggy lovers would prefer their dog to smell like: -Lavender -lemon grass -sweet orange -tea tree peppermint OR...
  2. Dog food advice

    Dog Food
    Hi all, I have a 10 year old female cockapoo and a 2 year old male Bichon Frise. I have them on Newman's Own dry and soft food which they seem to enjoy...most of the time. I do not want to get them "burned out" on just one food and would like suggestions of other good foods that do not have a...
  3. A simple start to making all-natural dog food at home

    Dog Food
    The basic structure of a suitable meal for a dog is: 1 part meat; in the form of chicken (preferably white meat, but dark meat will do just as well) 2 parts organic grain; in the form of brown rice 1 part organic vegetable; in the form of green beans Read more...