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  1. Dog Food for Hiking

    Dog Food
    Question: What do you guys feed your dogs while hiking? I've noticed my dog doesn't seem as interested in his dog food while hiking but of course he needs the sufficient nutrients and energy replenishment. Does anyone have any homemade treats that are high packed in calories and energy?
  2. Our first puppy coming home when he is 10 weeks old advice on food & training needed

    Dog Food
    Our first puppy coming home when he is 10 weeks old advice on food & training needed Hi! We're getting our first puppy ever home in 4 weeks. He's a Schnauzer, lovely guy. But of course, I'd say so. We need advise on crate training - we want him to be independent and therefore plan to keep the...
  3. How to overcome a puppy who's a picky eater?

    Dog Health
    I have a 5 month old Boston Terrier who has become a picky eater. He used to inhale his food so fast that he would regurgitate it but now I'm struggling to get him to eat his kibble at all. As far as human food, we try not to give him any. As far as I know, he has only had a piece or two of...
  4. Fromm Dog Food

    Dog Food
    Hello! I am getting my first corgi puppy in a few months and I've been researching dog food like crazy. From what I've read, Fromm seems like a good brand that is worth trying. However, a few things are concerning me regarding the Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy formula. For example, the CA/PH...
  5. "Puppy" won't eat dog food

    Dog Food
    I have a 7 month old doberman shepherd, and she is a great, very active puppy! Full of energy, and always in a good mood. However, ever since I've adopted her, about two weeks ago, she hasn't ate any of the dog food that I have got her. Ive tried several different brands and types, she doesn't...
  6. Managing Pet Gastrointestinal Issues With Nutrition

    The Honest Kitchen
    Written by Dr. Leliani Alvaraz, DVM Gastrointestinal problems comprise the most common ailments seen in both dogs and cats. These can range from a short-term upset tummy (such as Vomiting and Diarrhea) to a chronic or more serious ailment (such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Pancreatitis)...
  7. Nutrition during intensive treat training?

    Dog Food
    Hey all, My girl Tuva is 18 months, and we are spending a lot of time training these days, to solidify heel and recall especially. This means we go through a large volume of treats. I give her a mixture of people foods like mild cheese, cooked meats (whatever is left over and non-marinated) and...
  8. Getting my starved dog healthy

    Dog Food
    My dogs escaped and were gone for 7 days. With the help of posters and websites and hours walking we were able to find them. My Boxer mix, however, looks beyond starving. The people who found him gave him a ton of food and he threw it all up. We have been giving him smaller meals through the day...
  9. A simple start to making all-natural dog food at home

    Dog Food
    The basic structure of a suitable meal for a dog is: 1 part meat; in the form of chicken (preferably white meat, but dark meat will do just as well) 2 parts organic grain; in the form of brown rice 1 part organic vegetable; in the form of green beans Read more...
  10. Trying to Wean my cat off kibble and feed less

    I'm trying to have my cat eat more canned food in his diet instead of kibble. He's had some hairball troubles and in the past has experienced a UTI/kidney stones once. In general I'm hoping to feed him only canned food and use kibbles as training treats or a light snack. Trouble is, he's a...
  11. Proper Nutrition for 2 week old Pup

    New Additions
    An acquaintance of mine from college called me one day to say that her Pit Bull mom had puppies by a Golden Retriever mix. After only having the puppies for two days, she had smothered all but three puppies. :( I breed Yorkies so I gladly took the runt of the three and called another breeder to...