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  1. Dog has white lesion on nose

    Dog Health
    For the last 2-3 weeks there has been a white slightly raised spot on our dog's nose. The skin markings appear to be preserved and there is no ulceration or opening in the skin. No discharge or bleeding. The edges are smooth and well demarcated. It seems to have grown slightly but it doesn't...
  2. Snout Swelling

    Dog Health
    This morning I woke up and noticed that my dog's left side of her snout was a swollen, it was perfectly fine the day before. Today is Saturday and on Wednesday she got her face into an ant hill because she sniffed out a dead rat in there, I quickly removed it out of her mouth and made sure to...
  3. Growth on Nose like wart

    Dog Health
    My Chihuahua started to get some type of growth on her nose, it looks like a wart. It started off like a small bump now its growing out. Looking to see what it could be? and to remove it if possible. Just low on funds for a vet. Please help. Thanks
  4. Fast and Shallow breathing not normal?

    Dog Health
    I have a 9 year old toy-sized poodle and over the past week or two I have noticed her breathing has been fast, shallow, and sometimes irregular. She takes, on average, between 35 and 45 breaths per minute. It is not panting as her mouth is closed, she is breathing through her nose, and very...
  5. Open wounds on eyes and nose {pic} Any ideas on cause?

    Dog Health
    It all started with one eye being scratch raw and not healing. We took Stitch to the vet and he told us it was due to a tooth infection. His teeth were cleaned, a few teeth removed and he was given an antibiotic shot. Within 3 days the eye was healed! Then it came back. This time including...
  6. Cold or foxtail or allergies?!!

    Dog Health
    So I have a chihuahua-golden-lab dog, and he's around 8-9 years old. Yesterday afternoon, he started having random sneeze attacks... like he would sneeze 7x in a row and then 4x or he wouldn't sneeze for a while, and then randomly sneeze here and there. He rarely ever sneezes, so I'm taking this...
  7. Urgent help, lump on whippets nose!!

    Dog Health
    Our Whippet has this large bump on his nose. (Refer to pics) We believe it is due to him attempting to jump the fence a few days ago (due to thunder) but we are not sure. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Peter
  8. can any one help? Swollen nose

    Dog Health
    hiya, im new to this but my dog is a male german shepherd he is 1 and 4 months but on his nose one of his nostrils has gone bright pink and it looks quite swollen.... it seems to have a scab further up but i is starting to look worse and earlier is was bleeding? any ideas to what could it be?
  9. Bump on dog's nose?

    Dog Health
    Hello, We have a 4 1/2 year old lab mix named Ruca. I recently noticed a bump on the "bridge" of her nose. At first, I questioned whether or not the bump had always been there, because it is quite subtle. But it's been a couple of days, and I keep noticing it, which leads me to believe it has...