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  1. OTC calmatives - what R they, Y use 'em, How they work...

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I'm going to list various OTC calmatives i know & love - anyone who has a favorite, please jump in & add it. :) All contributions happily accepted. Qs, observations, suggestions, past experiences, disasters... ___________________________________ I'll start with D.A.P. / Dog Appeasing...
  2. Dog won't stop reacting to every little noise, running to door and barking

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So Fiona is almost a year old now. Dane/Pit/Lab mix. This behavior started about three months ago and it's continuously growing worse. My grandpa's dog stayed with us for two weeks while he had his knee replaced and I'm not sure if Fiona gained this behavior from her, because she does it as...
  3. My dog is terrified of gunshots

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Our mixed breed rescue dog is almost 2 years old. We have had him since 12 weeks. He has always been rather skittish but over time we have helped him gain confidence. We were not aware our subdivision was close to a gun range and evidently "Thor" was inside during the evening hours when we could...
  4. microchip making noise?

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone! Im new to the forum and I have registered because I couldn't find any info or answer regarding my question elsewhere. I have recently discovered that when I am close to our dogs head I can hear a "funny" low frequency noise coming from over her left ear. At first while...
  5. Puppy STILL hysterical in her crate

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I do a lot of work from home, and my puppy is still howling hysterically every time I put her in her crate. It's the most wretched, godawful sound - and I feel a combination of sadness for her but also extreme irritation because it's interfering with my ability to get much work done. I have...
  6. My beagle won't stop barking.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I need some advise. We recently moved from a town house to a home with a big backyard. It has a lot of trees which unfortunately have a large population of squirrels. My beagle who is just a little over a year is so excited about tracking these animals. She can't wait to go out in the...
  7. My dog is always barking!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, We have 6 year old, male, west highland white terrier who is always barking. Its not like he's barking at a loud noise or something but he barks even when there is nothing there. Does anyone have any ideas of how we can stop this? Thanks