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  1. Newfoundland or Rough Collie?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello, I am thinking of getting a dog in the future, not in the immediate future but possibly a few years from now. I have been doing research and I think I have narrowed my choices down to two: a Newfoundland or a Rough Collie. Now, initially I was set on getting a Newfie. I read that they...
  2. Growth Charts

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello :) I have a beautiful 6 months old newfoundland dog named Pako and I checked on internet if I could find other growth charts of other newfoundland dog to compare with mine, even from other big breeds but I coudn't find much info :) If someone wish to share the growth chart of their...
  3. Introduction - Hello !

    Hello fellow dog people, I am new and looking forward to discovering your forum. I am in Canada and have Newfoundlands, two black and looking to get a Landseer soon.
  4. Do Great Pyrenees dogs ever have webbed feet?

    Dog Breeds
    We have a female Great Pyrenees rescue. She weighs 160 lbs and has webbed feet so people are telling us that she's at least part Newfoundland. However, she looks EXACTLY like all of photos of purebred Great Pyrenees and has the double dewclaws on her back feet so I'm wondering if a Great...
  5. What Kind Of Puppy Do I Have?!

    Dog Breeds
    Hello! My family and I recently got a new puppy, Bear. His mother was a lab but the shelter wasn't sure what the father was. He is growing like a weed so we think he will be a large dog. He also LOVES water and has a fuzzy round head which makes me think he might be might have some Newfoundland...
  6. R.I.P Mercury

    Dog Memorials
    Today I found out that he got very sick to the point where he immediately had to be put down. I wasn't even their sense he is more of my Parents dog. I used to live with him though,and still would visit him all the time. I helped choose him,and he was gotten from some family that had to get rid...
  7. Newfoundland dog breeder isn't being very responsive!

    General Dog Discussion
    My husband and I currently have a female newfoundland and have decided to get another. We were all lined up to get our new boy, when 3 days before we were to get him, his breeder told us he was the only pup from the litter to not pass his 8 week puppy exam due to concerns the vet has with one...
  8. Chihuahua X Newfoundland ?

    Dog Breeds
    This is a completely hypothetical question. Would it be possible to breed a female Chihuahua with a male Newfoundland, and would the female Chihuahua be able to give birth to the offspring?
  9. Newfoundlands

    Dog Breeds
    I just love the newfoundland breed and I am looking in to getting a newfoundland/newfoundland mix. I am looking for a mix that will have tighter jowls and a little bit more energy..(and ideally a little easier to train) but i know that a tall order. What would be a good/popular dog to mix with...
  10. How do I stop my dog from getting around his cone?

    Dog Health
    Hello, I have a Lab/Newfoundland mix, his name is Charlie. He gets really bad hot spots and i have to put the cone on his head whenever im not around to watch him. He has some how been able to manage getting around to his tail and has chewed it up pretty badly. I have shaved the area and...