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  1. This is my introduction

    Hello friends (: My name is Boswell and I live in Southern California. My dog's name is Daisy she is two years old and she is so sweet and loyal to the family. We raised her from a pup and she was the runt of the litter. For being a rottweiler she is only 70lbs. Daisy has some behavioral issues...
  2. 3 yr old Boston retraining

    Hi all! I am trying to retrain my 3 year old Boston. She is potty trained (with the occasional slip up inside) and is free fed. She has absolutely no discipline in terms of listening and knowing what is right and wrong. I have researched quite a bit and seems like we are going the umbilical...
  3. Hi From Wyoming!

    I figured I've posted enough around the site to finally do an introduction on myself! Hey there everyone! I'm Reggie. I'm an 18yo girl who's only ever lived in Wyoming. I've loved dogs for as long as I can remember, and I've had a couple that have taught me a lot about dog ownership. Although...
  4. New Member!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the dog forum, decided to join as we've just taken on two 6 year old chihuahua crossed with god knows what, one of them looks like a bulldog forever puppy and the other is just a frail little thing with an underbite. They're brothers who were surrended to the HK...
  5. Soon to be dog owner! :)

    Hi dog lovers! :wave: Thought I might join this interesting looking forum :thumbsup: I currently am not a dog owner yet, but I'm getting a Mini Schnauzer in a few months (yeah, I know, still a long wait) :) Any tips for me? :ponder: I also have a hamster and it would be really helpful to...
  6. New here, dog has allergies

    Hello everyone! I'm from the USA. A couple years ago I adopted a dog named Lilly, she's a mixed breed, not really sure what she is. She's 6 years old and about 11 pounds. She has lots of allergies, both food and seasonal. She's on a special diet and takes Atopica to help her allergies...
  7. Super simple DSLR photo tutorial

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hi everyone! I'm new around here and miss my dog, who lives quite far away. I'm currently residing with a cat and made a very basic DSLR tutorial featuring her that I thought might be helpful for anyone else with a dog who just bought a DSLR. Here's the tutorial and let me know if it helps! Do...
  8. Ciao from Italia!

    Hello! My name is Maya and I'm from the United States but currently live in Northern Italy with my husband and our soon-to-be-adopted dog Bodhi. :D We've had dogs our entire life, from miniature weenie dogs to Golden Retrievers to mutts. We decided not to bring my precious Golden Retriever...
  9. Hello from Rolo!! :)

    Hi all, I have just signed up too the forum, so am a newbie!! I have a 10 an a half week old puppy named Rolo, an I am a first time puppy owner, so this forum will come in handy for me!!! Hope too chat too you all soon!! Love from Emma an Rolo :) xx x :tlsup:
  10. New Shorkie + 2 other dogs

    New Additions
    THis is my first time on Dog Forum! I will be the proud owner of a 6 week old female Shorkie (Leila) on Christmas Eve. I am so overwhelmed because we have had a Choclate Lab (Gunner) for 4 years and my boys brought home a stray 12 week old lab/retriever, beagle mix (Chipper) on Nov 29th. We...
  11. Hello from Arkansas!

    Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. You can call me Lee (my middle name). I have two dogs.. one of which I adopted from a family member who developed a terrible pet dander allergy, his name is Rufus. Then, there's the old girl.. that we call 'Sassy'. Sassy is a female Yellow Lab...
  12. New girls on the block! :)

    Hi! My name is Megan from San Antonio tx. I'm new to this forum-just saying hello! I have a 7 month old GSP/black lab mix named Dakota. I joined this site to maybe get some tips on bird training and share cute pictures of my girl!
  13. Hi, I once climbed Mt. Everest and I can recite 67,891 digits of Pi.

    OK, I'm lying. But the other post titles were so dull! :p Anyways, about me: I'm 13 years old and have an annoyingly disrespectful attitude towards life. I have a long and complicated history with dogs, but I don't currently own one. I do not condone Justin Bieber; believe that the Harry Potter...
  14. Your first mistakes....

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and I'm a dog lover even though I've never had a dog as a pet. A little ironic maybe, but I've spent a lot of time around other peoples dogs and really enjoy them. I know everyone else is doing all the hard work there, but I digress... I wanted to pose a...
  15. Hi there.

    well im just a newbie here hoping to make new friends and such. :):rockon: