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  1. First Time Dog Owner - Please Help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone! About a month ago my sister and her husband adopted a 10 month old female golden retriever, Lily. I have been living with them for the past few months since graduating college, and have been helping in the process of training and taking care of this girl. Out of the three of us...
  2. I need help on buying a new puppy, i already have a 10 year old westie?????????

    Puppy Help
    i already have a 10 year old westie who is a female, i'm looking to buy a french bulldog and i'm seriously unsure on whether a female or male is the better option. My westie i have currently is timid and shy but gets on well with other dogs. she is sent to a dog nursery every so often to keep...
  3. 1st time Dog Owner Needs Advice

    New Additions
    Hello, I adopted a 3 year old rat terrier/dachshund mix yesterday at an adoption event. When I first met her last weekend she was the friendliest dog I've seen. She loves people and dogs. So I decided to adopt her this weekend. When I got home with her, she was doing fine, a bit nervous but...