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  1. 4 month corgi puppy may need to find him a new home due to changing circumstances

    General Dog Discussion
    To preface, I recently just graduated from college and got a full-time job. This seemed like the perfect time to get a puppy, something I’ve talked about, dreamt about, thought about for years on end. And a friend’s dogs had had puppies, so it felt like divine intervention that this would be my...
  2. Feeling Trapped With New Puppy

    New Additions
    My dog of 12 years died rather unexpectedly from a seizure in my arms one afternoon while laying on the couch with me. Since then I think I took it the hardest out of everyone in the family. It took everyone maybe 3 months to really get over the loss took me more like 7. I couldn't even talk...
  3. HELP! Puppy raised in isolation showing signs of aggression.

    Hello everyone. I am a new puppy owner, I adopted my lab/pit mix 4 days ago. She's the first dog I have owned (alone - I grew up around dogs), but training is proving to be SO MUCH harder than I thought. She is 3 months old (about 14 weeks) My puppy, Lemon, was surrendered to the shelter as a...
  4. Feedback wanted on 13 week old puppy schedule + puppy blues

    Puppy Help
    Hi, I would love it, if you guys would give me some feedback on my 13 week old puppy's daily routine, and maybe share your experience w. returning puppy blues. Daily routine 06.30 - 06:35/40 - Toilet trip 06:40 - 07:15 Morning walk with integrated kibble search to prevent overdoing it:)...
  5. Help house training new pup in a city!

    Hi - I'm hoping there are some city puppy owners out there who can help me. My boyfriend and I just got our new 3 month old Westie last Sunday, so he's been with us almost 1 week! Immediately, we wanted to start house training him. We live in a busy area outside of NYC. Our house is set back...
  6. single new puppy owner blues/anxiety

    New Additions
    Hello -- I need help. Or, encouragement and advice? I've wanted a dog for many years, and four years ago (!) I knew I would definitely get one when my circumstances were right. I've spent months and months watching training videos on youtube (kikopup is a favourite), reading books and forums...
  7. 10 week hyper puppy - tips on behavior and training

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, This is my first time ever posting on a forum but I figured who better to help than people with love for their fur babies and experience with them. So........... 2 weeks back we got Romeo (our now 10 week mini golden doodle - half retriever half mini poodle). We watched a lot of videos...
  8. Help! New puppy adopter burned out!

    New Additions
    This is my very first post here. We just recently adopted a 3 month old terrier mix puppy from the shelter. My husband and I adore her, she's smart and a sweetheart. First night went well with her potty breaks in the middle of the night, I did not get enough sleep as I want my husband to sleep...
  9. Hello from Ontario, Canada

    Hi all! I'm not quite yet a dog owner, but I will be in 3 weeks! I've been researching like crazy about everything that can possibly come to mind, because up till now I've always been a cat owner. This is my cockapoo (or cocker spaniel/poodle mix, for those that don't enjoy adorable names)...