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    Hello, New member here. I want to make it clear; I love the dogs company, she's just got me worried! I've been home from college for about a month. Early in the school year, my mom adopted a 6 (now 7) year old female husky from the previous owner who did their best for the dog, but was...
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    Hello everyone. I come from iran(Kurdistan). big dog mastiffs (working dogs) is my love. my job is dog trainer from kurdistan -bukan I am 27 years old. I am very happy to join this forum and find hundreds friends. thanks for you
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    hello all, I am a new member here. we can keep in touch all the time.
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    Hello. If I am posting this in the wrong area, please inform me politely! I have only had this account for one day, for this one specific question and to my best understanding this is where to go for this sort of post. Thank you for your patience! <3 Anyway, I have been heavily considering...
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    Hello, everyone! I grew up with dogs, but haven't had one since I was 17, due to being in college and then apartment living with my two cats. In the past year, however, both my cats have had to be put to sleep for old age health issues. Since then, I have been researching dogs because I...
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    hi there.. i'm totally new.. just discovered where i can introduce my self to all.. I"m a pomsky lover.. my name is Tabby... always love to learn something new and try to share things i know about my best friends! :) happy to be here! :)
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    My name is Nichole and I have a 6 year old Schnoodle. I have had him since January.
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    Hi, I am a proud new Puppy's owner, currently with some "puppy troubles":p, and I hope you can help me in this lifelong journey with my new friend. DD :)
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    Hello all! I have an English springer spaniel/lab, 10 month old, rescue dog. We live in Northern KY. I just adopted him 2 months ago. He's your average, mischievous puppy! Will post pics as soon as I figure that out! -Megan
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    Hi everybody, I became interested in this forum while searching the web for info on Jacqueline Wilson, on AP's new show My Tiny Terror. I am wondering what her credentials are. I have two dogs, and volunteer as a dogwalker and foster in a local shelter. I also have blog the Andyland Chronicles...
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    Hello! I just joined the forum today and am very excited to be a part of the community. Dante is my wonderful German Shepherd - he's been a part of our family for 9 1/2 years and what a great family dog he is. He has his own little issues, as every dog does, but I feel that they are more...
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    So I've been lurking on DF for quite a while now, and decided that I would like to start posting :) I'm a freshmen at the University of South Carolina, studying Psychology as my undergrad in the hopes of pursuing a PHD in Animal Behavior, and, eventually, becoming an Applied Animal Behaviorist...
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    Hey Everyone! I'm new here so thought I'd introduce myself! I have 3 pets at my own home which include 2 cats and a betta fish. My oldest kitty is a calico colored maine coone tabby mix named Friski who we raised since we rescued her from a pet shop at only 5 weeks, and our other is a brown...
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    Hello to all other dog lovers on here, We have 8 kids and 6 dogs currently. Most of our dogs have all been rescues of sorts. One was taken from a meth addict, one was in the pound, two on their way to the pound, and one was about to be given to a creep woman who wanted to take 5, 5 week old...
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    I'm brand new to the forums! hoping to make some friends, and build on my knowledge of all things "dog". =) I'm the proud owner of a 10 week old Australian Shepherd puppy named Kuro, and there's all sorts of new things I could use some help on.
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    Hello. My username is Pomeranian, because I love Pomeranians. I am new.
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    how's everybody doin'? I'm Frank and we have a female 10 year old black lab/pit bull mix. We got Misty as a rescue when she was 10 months old, and she was already dog-aggressive and men-suspicious. But we've all come a long way. I'm looking forward to meeting as many of you guys as possible and...
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    i joined about a week ago and i have 2 dogs teddy and sara i am 10 years old and love all pets expesaily dogs, fish, and reef tanks. have 1 cat, 7 fish and more coming a 20 gallon planted and a 34 gallon reef i used to have a hamster(2 actually at different times) the are both dead now one was a...