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  1. The right decision? good, honest and objective advise required

    Hi there, my name is Patrick - dog lover since childhood - and writing here to get a good, honest and sincere opinion on wether getting a dog is the right decision. I am mainly scared of two things (1) being a bad god owner.... and (2) destructive behavior which might get me in trouble. I did...
  2. Hello everyone Newbie Here

    Good Day everyone I'm new from this forum I want you to all welcome me and I hope we can get to know each other here. Thanks :)
  3. Leaving my dog alone

    New Additions
    Hi there, My husband and I are considering adopting a 3 year old male dachshund x jack Russell as we really want a new addition to our family and a new companion! The only problem is, we both work 8 hours. So we leave home at 8 and return at 5.30. Is this a problem to leave the fog alone for...