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  1. Is this dog a good dog? (Tornjak breed) + video of the dog.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    The name of the breed is Tornjak. I want to hear what the cons and pros are of owning one of those dogs. Thanks!
  2. To the Forum Owners

    Could you please add presa canerio to the breed list, I put my dog in as a mastiff because there was no listing for the presa. Thanks for the great forum
  3. Which Breed will be good for me and my cat?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi! My cat and I are moving in with my boyfriend in a few months and he and I have decided to get a dog after we settle in! I would like to know which breed would be best to get. This will be our first dog (other that the ones our parents had when we were little). We have a cat - she is very...
  4. Forget Labradoodles - here comes the Lagotto Romagnolo

    Dog Breeds
    FCI recognised breed, has been used for centuries to find truffles