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  1. New Sehlter Dog Training

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My husband and I recently adopted (for the first time) a 3 year old Pit Terrier mix from our local shelter. (Pepper) (The shelter says 3, she acts more like she is 1-1.5 years) When we met her she was sweet, loving and calm around us as far as her energy. Fast forward to her first week and she...
  2. New Roomie's Dog is a Wealth of Whizz-dom

    The struggle is real. I brought a new roommate into my house on June 1st, and along with her came a 2 y.o. Maltese mix named Milo. He's adorable and loves everyone, but we've been having some, um, "piss-ues" recently, and I really need some advice. Here's a quick background: I've lived here...
  3. I'm so glad i found This cute little guy!

    New Additions
    I found him & my friend ended up keeping him & named him Marley! I'm so happy bout the whole situation!:thumbsup:[/ATTACH]