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neuter recovery

  1. Neutered Incision Healing Properly?

    Dog Health
    My 8 month old puppy got neutered 6 days ago and this is my first time neutering a dog and I have no idea what to look out for. He has been wearing his Elizabeth collar 24/7, but he’s very energetic still and loves to jump. We try our best to stop him from jumping but his favorite spot is on top...
  2. 10-month old Great Pyrenees lunged and knocked over my 11 year oldon

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions. Yesterday around 10pm my son and niece were dancing in the living room a bit wildly in costumes (my son was wearing his cousin's tutu). My sister's 10 month old Great Pyrenees suddenly lunged at my son, knocked him to the floor and...
  3. Is this normal after a neuter surgery?

    Dog Health
    Hi. My pup just got neutered last Thursday, July 21st (so it has been 9 days). Today is the first day he has been without his e-collar. Is this how the incision site is supposed to look/is it okay? There were no external stitches, just surgical glue holding the incision together. This is my...
  4. Wont leave stitches alone!!

    Dog Health
    Alright so I posted something similar to this just a few days ago about my dog Pickles. He's a 7 month old welsh corgi and he was neutered on Thursday. Thursday was totally fine, he didn't try and pick at it or anything but then the following days have just been so hard it's getting ridiculous...
  5. Using E-collar to scratch stitches?!

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone, my 7 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Pickles, went in yesterday to be neutered. As expected he is in a little pain and the stitches seem to be itching him. I had the vet put an E-collar on him so he wouldn't chew but now I'm running into a problem. He's a corgi and he's got a...
  6. My fluffy cheater, two-timing no more!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have been over a week with no escape attempts! Operating under the assumption that the other family was feeding in the morning, which is why he only tries to get out around breakfast time, we started feeding. We wanted the food to be special, so in the mornings after he has gone out we let...
  7. Questions about post-neuter recovery

    Dog Health
    So Cobber's at the vet right now being neutered and chipped. In a couple days, he and I are going to a nice secluded cabin for a little more than a week so he can recover. It's puppy-proofed and in the middle of nowhere, so if he barks because he's frustrated with not being able to run and jump...