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  1. She kicked my dog

    Dog Health
    After this lady with two crazy corgies and I exchanged words she sent her daughter to my door to start a fight. We were arguing and claiming she was going to hit me my dog went to bite her and she kicked him in the side. This happened three times. I wanted to murder her, but besides all of that...
  2. Neighbor's dog peeing in my fence

    Hi all, I have a little issue with my neighbor's dog. We share a fence in the backyard and there's a little slope hat creates a little hole between fence and ground. My neighbors dog which is huge, pees there always and because of said slope, the pee drains to my backyard. in the winter is worst...
  3. Neighbor's Dogs Comming Through Fence

    General Dog Discussion
    My neighbor's (who I want NOTHING to do with because the are drug dealers) keep letting their 3 small aggressive dogs dig under and/or chew up the bottom of my 6ft privacy fence so that they can escape their trash heap of a backyard. While I feel bad for these pooches I would prefer they stay...
  4. Problems With Other Dog Owners – Need Help

    General Dog Discussion
    I live in an apartment complex and lately there have been a lot of problems with two other dog owners. One is a man in his mid-sixties who got a 110 lbs German Shepherd mix – that used to live on a farm and never was walked on a leash before. His former owners actually gave him up because they...
  5. Neighbor accusing us of stealing his dog.

    General Dog Discussion
    About three weeks ago my neighbors across the street got a new puppy, she was about 7-8 weeks old. Immediately we started noticing that when the puppy was outside (in the front yard) she was left unattended but didn't seem to venture farther than the carport. Of course my dog noticed her and...