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  1. Input Wanted: Puppy neglect by neighbours

    General Dog Discussion
    So my new neighbor moved in a rented downstairs apartment a week ago. She owns a 4 month old husky/German shepherd mix female dog. Since I work from home I can hear the poor soul whining like a human all day long.The owner leaves house around 6 am in the morning and comes back around 4pm...
  2. HELP! Advice please! Neighbor neglecting new dog!

    General Dog Discussion
    My parents neighbor recently has a german shepard in their backyard. Their home is between two apartments. Mainly from my parents 4 unit 2 story building can see the back of the yard plus the other apartment MAYBE. But certainly my parents and upstairs can see their yard clearly. So we noticed a...
  3. Stoopid human behavior: Dog chained to a steel pole in rising flood-waters

    General Dog Discussion
    This is criminal negligence. yes, the dog was "lucky" - thousands of animals drowned in Katrina, Andrew, & other hurricanes, Nor'easters, & just plain floods. If the...
  4. have a situation with my friends very aggressive dog and mistreating the poor thing.

    Dog Health
    Hi, i posted this a while back when she still lived with me on a site similar to this didnt get all the help i wanted, i did appreciate the help but there wasnt enough. circumstances have changed in living arrangements and her being my best friend however i still have huge concerns about her...
  5. Friend's uncle severely neglects his dog. I need to take action ASAP

    Dog Health This is what she sent me. I will not let this animal die. We are both high-schoolers without money, so we cannot afford to send him to a vet right away, but IF it comes down to that, I will try my hardest. I have a dog, and his previous owners left him with flea...
  6. Extreme animal abuse: Petition to audit Coffee County Animal Control!

    General Dog Discussion
    Extreme animal abuse: Petition to audit Coffee County Animal Control | Washington Times Communities
  7. My Roommate Is Neglecting Her Dog

    General Dog Discussion
    Please help me figure out how to broach a delicate subject with my roommate. In November, my roommate adopted a labrador mix from a shelter in Manhattan. He is a beautiful, friendly dog with lots of energy. I moved into the apartment in April and after just a few months it became apparent that...