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  1. Dog chewing help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My pup is 8 months old, so a lot is going on in her teenage head. She’s a German Shepherd so she has ages and ages of energy. I take her to the dog park at least 1-2 times a day, play with her inside the house, include more walks, hikes, etc. but she’s always had an issue with chewing. Shoes...
  2. Chewing + Destroying our house!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We've taken in Quill (German Pointer x Dane x Bull Arab). He's our 3rd of our big dogs. The first two have been perfect and are just big ol lazy things that sleep most of the day. Quill is 10 months old and every since we've got him home, he's been destroying the house on and off. He's chewed...
  3. Newly Rescued Dog getting into things when I'm not home

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello! I just rescued a chocolate labrador retriever named JoJo about a month ago (June 12, 2012) who is between the ages of 5 and 7 and is overall a very sweet boy! He is not aggressive in any way and gets along well with other people, animals and kids. JoJo has alot of energy and I try to...