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nail trimming

  1. Managing nails during lockdown

    Dog Health
    To anyone reading this, if you have any advice on the following please comment. I am from Delhi, India, and the area around where I live has quite some coronavirus cases and thus there's a strict lockdown. I've stopped taking Odin, my 8 month old very energetic puppy, for his daily walks. I try...
  2. Cut dogs nail too short- should I go to the vet?

    Dog Grooming
    Hey everyone! I'm a first time puppy parent and went to trim my dog's nails for the first time. Our dog trainer showed us how to do it and it looked easy enough. I thought I was being careful to not get the quick, but unfortunately I messed up and she started bleeding a lot :( I felt like the...
  3. PediPaws Help

    Dog Grooming
    I have an 11 week old Basset and her nails are getting really long and sharp. When she climbs on my she scratches the heck out of my legs and arms. This is the 2nd Basset I've had so I know pedicures are going to be a constant thing. My previous Basset hated getting his nails trimmed and we had...