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  1. What's your thoughts on using a muzzle? At my wit's end with a chewing puppy..

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on dogforum :). Hopefully I can get some much needed advice! I have two males dogs, both rescues: a 3 year old 25-30 lb pug/pom/toy fox/pointer mix and a 7 month old ACD/Staffordshire (40ish lbs). I love them both immensely but am having trouble with the...
  2. Muzzle Suggestions

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I am looking for a Muzzle for Trucker. I Tried a Baskerville (size 4) it was horrid, he couldn't yawn and he MUST be able to yawn as this is his main self-calming technique. Do you have any other suggestions?
  3. Muzzle Training:Yes or No?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi Everyone, Wrote a past post about our newly adopted dog Rocky. He is such a great and goofy little guy with us but is still getting used to strangers. So far my mom has been able to hand feed him treats, he still gets very barky when she moves, and we are going to slowly introduce him to...
  4. Minimum standards to control vicious dogs

    General Dog Discussion
    I already have an opinion on my situation. But I am soliciting feedback from dog lovers to see how my opinion compares to everyone else's. I will try to summarize situation without editorializing too much. For two years my neighbors have owned a male Akita. The dog is driven by dominance...
  5. Using a muzzle at the dog park?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, I'm fostering a Newfie mix female - about 4 years old - 100 pounds. She has a dominance/aggression problem. Basically, for any new dog (mid to large size) that comes to the park, she has to run up to them and get in their face. As you can imagine, it can trigger a fight once in a while. But...
  6. NEED HELP identifying skin irritation !!!

    Dog Health
    Meet Bella! My baby girl is 3-1/2 years old and a German Shepard. The weekend of July 8th we noticed she develop what appears to be a scab on her muzzle. I have been monitoring it daily and it hasn't changed. Bella doesn't appear to be bothered by it (excessive licking or rubbing her face...
  7. Muzzles - cruel or helpful?

    General Dog Discussion
    Lately, I've started watching "The Dog Whisperer" and "It's Me or the Dog" (although it's so hard to find these series online *sigh*), and seeing how certain people owns big dogs while they can't control them (and their aggression) is really shocking! Some of them are aggressive towards other...