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  1. Would you like to immortalize your dog's bark in art?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello everyone. I lost my dog a few weeks ago and wanted to start this project to explore what we, as humans, can learn from our canine companions. The project involves collecting sounds of dogs from the general public (barks, yelps, whines, howls) and short writings about what people have...
  2. Beautiful Sunset, Beautiful Music with Beautiful Siberian Husky - For Dog Lovers

    Dog Pictures and Videos
  3. Video of my puppy

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hello everyone! I am new here and would like to introduce myself by showing my adopted puppy to these awesome forums. :) Here you go:
  4. Mickey and I are Both Thankful!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    So thankful for Mickey and the sketches we make together! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! Mickey Instrument (Part Two)
  5. Mickey and I made a SEQUEL!!!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey Everyone! I made a sequel to my video of Mickey and me racing up the stairs, ha! *<--Check it out! Enjoy :-)
  6. The Daily Routine of Walking Mickey :)

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey, wanted to share this funny video I made with my springer spaniel Mickey called: Poop It<-- Check it out! Enjoy :-)
  7. Best Staring Contest Ever!!!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Best staring contest with my springer spaniel Mickey, lol! If you do the same with your dog, you'll love this...check it out! Enjoy!
  8. Mickey and I make a 4th of July video!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Mickey and I made a 4th of July video! To see more of our videos, check out: MICKEY & JERMAINE - YouTube
  9. Dogs howling to music!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all, We are musicians, and our dogs love to howl along! It doesn't seem to hurt their ears, they usually wag their tails and come close. I have heard it's possibly a pack thing. If you want to witness it, lol, I put it on youtube...!
  10. Dogs Sing "The Christmas Song"

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
  11. Bull terrier likes rabbits & accordions

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Bully likes rabbits, see Youtube: AND accordions, see Youtube: jack