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  1. Let him live with it or treatment?

    Dog Health
    Hello My Tib at soon eleven summers old has a murmur with a high resonance when he is at the floor. I can hear the noise 6 feets away. He doesn't cough, but sometimes he is is convulsing once or twice. After the last visit to the vet there was found a tumor in his testicle that causes the big...
  2. Can a dog with a heart murmur take heartworm prevention medicine?

    Dog Health
    My little dog has a heart murmur. We don't know how long she has had it, but I think it is mild because the vet said she only needs to get an ultrasound of her heart before she gets her teeth cleaned. It was just found about 6 weeks ago that she has the heart murmur by my dog's new vet (her...
  3. Minor heart murmur and coughing

    Dog Health
    Hello all, Two weeks ago I welcomed an 8 week old Westie into my family. We named her Opal. When I picked Opal up from the breeder I was given a health certificate from the breeder's vet, and information stating she received her first round of shots and was dewormed. I was also given a health...