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multiple dog household

  1. Two puppies and two owners in the same house - Bonding questions

    Puppy Help
    A housemate began to foster two 11 week old puppies with the intention of keeping only 1. After a few days, I realized I wanted to adopt the second one (they're sisters). She has been caring exclusively for the pups for over a week now and they are closely bonded with her. She's doing a great...
  2. Need Help With My Old Dog & Younger Dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi! I have an old English Matiff (june), a middle aged beagle (pebbles), and a young active pup (Minnie [Husky/pugX]) Minnie was adopted when she was about 8 months old by my boyfriend (before we lived together) I have had June and Pebbles for 4-5 years. Minnie came in with high energy, food...
  3. Considerations in bringing home a third dog

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello everyone! In the next couple years, I know I'm going to adopt a third dog. I've done a lot of thinking and research on the most obvious things to consider when bringing home another dog - the most important ones being, do I have enough time, money, and space to provide for a third dog...
  4. Help... Chihuahua & pitbull not getting along

    New Additions
    Until my boyfriend & I have a new place to live I took my 8 week old pitbull to moms house so that I can keep an eye on him during the day. My chihuahua Bella is very jealous towards him, and when he exhibits playful behavior she snaps and growls at him. He is clearly being playful not...