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multi-dog household
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  1. Dog Breeds
    Hi, I already asked for breed suggestions/ help some time ago, but the situation has changed and I had to reconsider my preferences with what's possible at the moment, so here I go again :) I'm searching for a medium size dog (50-60cm, max. 30kg), preferably a shepherd or hunting breed. I don't...
  2. Dog Training and Behavior
    Based on observing my two dogs, a dachshund puppy and an adult lab, we've begun to wonder if their interactions with each other are influencing their bathroom habits in a negative way. The puppy refuses to go outside unless a family member or the other dog accompanies her and then will either...
  3. New Dogs and Puppies
    WOW I need some help. My husband really was excited to bring home a Great Pyrannese puppy as a friend for my 1 year old Lab-pit mix. I know we're only on day 2, but I'm starting to get extremely let down. I have never introduced a puppy to an adult dog and I don't know what to expect/what is...
1-3 of 3 Results