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  1. Gurgling stomach and mucus in stool

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone, I have an 8-year old rat terrier/chihuahua who's always had not the best stomach. Every four months or so, she has an upset stomach that could last a day to a few days, including some diarrhea, gurgling stomach, constant stretching, etc. Things clear up with prescription food and/or...
  2. My dog is vomiting yellow mucus

    Dog Health
    Hello, I'd like to know what could be a problem with my dog? She hasn't been eating normally for a week or drinking water. We have to hand feed her and still she sometimes refuses to eat, while before she would run excitedly to get food. The only thing she is excited to eat now is treats. She...
  3. Gurgling Tummy and Mucus/Slimy Poops

    Dog Health
    I'm at my wit's end. Three times in the last 1.5 months my dog has gotten brief bouts of something? He wakes up and is hesitant to eat his food (which is a big deal for him because he is extremely food motivated). He eats it after a while, but very slowly compared to normal. He will then proceed...
  4. Dog Digestion Issues

    Dog Health
    Hello, I've had Duke, a 1yr 4 month old husky rescue for almost 3 months now. Between weening him off of Pedigree (which he had been used to before I adopted him), onto Blue Buffalo, onto chicken and rice due to worms, off of Blue Buffalo because of repeated diarrhea, onto a bland Purina food...
  5. Mucusy Stool -> Mushy Stool -> Diarrhea -> Back To Mucusy Stool??

    Dog Health
    Patient Of the Discussion: 2 year old rescue dog, Male (Beagle+Pug)+Norwegian Elkhound ~25lbs Day 1:Our dog started having milky mucus over soft stools for 2 days, one poop each day, they would be very soft and have an odd milky white film/slime/mucus on them. Although he is an inside dog and...
  6. Vader coughed up a small amount of white thick mucus?

    Dog Health
    2 days ago he was acting like something was stuck in his throat and i opened his mouth and did not see anything,he got a drink as was fine the rest of the day...then yesterday he was fine all day, then just now he hacked like 2 times and a small amount of mucus came out, about the size of a...