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  1. How to Introduce Adult Dogs

    General Dog Discussion
    So the love of my life and I have been dating for almost one year. Prior to that we were both very single. He has a Schnauzer and I have a Yorkie Chon. Both girls. Catalina the Schnauzer is 9 years old and about 16 lbs. Lexie is 11 years old and MAYBE 6 lbs. Catalina goes outside to potty. Lexie...
  2. New landlord doesn't allow Pit Bulls, any ideas?

    General Dog Discussion
    I am having to relocate two hours away from home for work. I got a great apartment, and I was told that there was a 2-pet limit, which is great, because I have two dogs. The only problem is that my new landlord does not allow Pit Bulls or Pit mixes. Should I just stick with Lab mix on paperwork...
  3. Dog Starting Fights

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi. I'm new to the forum. My dog has randomly began starting fights with other dogs. A couple of examples: I often dogsit another dog and me and my dog stay over at the other dog's house. They've always gotten along but this most recent time I dogsat, when the three of us were sitting...