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  1. Breed suggestion

    Hello, I have been looking to find a Bernese Mountain dog mix breed. I was wondering if there where any specific mixes that people suggest. I have been looking at the bernerdoodle and golden mountain dog as possibilities. It would also be helpful if there were any breeder suggestions.
  2. Looking to find what dog breed this is

    Dog Breeds
    I tried to attach the image i don't know if it worked but here is the link to the website of the dog that i am trying to find what breed or breeds it is.
  3. My 6-month old dog seems very small

    General Dog Discussion
    I need help figuring out what my dog's breed is. The seller told me he was a mixture of two breeds, and I do see 2 other dogs that look similar to him when I look up this mix, but everything that I'm reading suggests that he should be about 45-55lbs by now. He was born in mid-November, and he's...
  4. Looking for a good breed

    Hello! I just signed up for this forum for a specific reason: My husband and I are looking to get a dog. He really wants a pit bull but I want a dog that doesn't shed. (I have asthma, it's much easier for me to breathe if there's not hair everywhere!) I saw a pit bull & poodle mix online but...
  5. Help figuring out my dog's breed combination

    Dog Breeds
    Hi all, my wife and I found our dog, Moose, in the woods about a year ago. She has the coat coloring similar to a swiss mountain dog, but she's only about 45 lbs and her ears cant seem to figure out what they want to do. She's VERY sweet, LOVES humans, FULL of energy, but is timid around other...
  6. Please Help!

    Hello, My dad gave me this dog who is 8 months old and malnourished. We are trying to get her healthy again. He was told it was a Great Pyrenees. But the coat is not completely white. She has alot of cream in it. Also her face is more slender then the Pyrenees I see online. Her paws are huge...
  7. Help me figure out my rescue dogs BREED?

    Dog Breeds
    I adopted Maxwell in January- and all the shelter knows is that he's a "terrier mix". He was about 1 when I adopted him. He is 14lbs, kind of scrappy and roughish hair with his skin showing through is spots. His skin has black marks on it, he has short legs, A LOT of energy and is jumps pretty...
  8. Auto-Immune Disease Story

    Dog Health
    Just thought of sharing my story with you because I still worry that it might happen to my other female dog and I pray to God it doesn't... Back in November of 2014, I found this stray female dog in the parking lot of my workplace. It had just rained and the ground was all wet and it was pretty...
  9. Molly Santana

    Hello Everyone! I am so excited to finally join a dog forum I live in Central California and have been blessed to have had the pleasure of taking care of my little Molly. Molly has given me the patience and has increased my desire of helping all animals. Molly is a 3 yr old Cocker...
  10. Molly Santana

    Hello Everyone I have been wanting to join a dog forum for a while now and finally did it! Molly and I live in Central California. Molly is 3 years old and is a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle Mix. I've had molly since I was 18 and she is the love of our lives. She's such a smart little girl that just...
  11. What dog is this??

    Dog Breeds
    Hey everyone! We recently found this puppy in the wild because someone dumped it there and we took it. We went to the veterinary to get some shots for the dog and asked what breed it was. He couldn't quite help us, but he said it's a mix of a lot. My grandma feels like it is something mixed...
  12. New Member with a New Rescue and some Hilarious DNA results!

    New Additions
    Well, my name is Will, and I adopted a "Shepherd Mix" named Alpha when he was 9 weeks old. Although we knew he was Shepherd (thinking Dutch) we decided to get him a DNA test to be sure, and I'm glad I have a good sense of humor, because if not- I would be pretty mad right now. Apparently...
  13. What breeds do you think Kayla was?

    Dog Breeds
    We just put our baby of 15 years down a few weeks ago, and now we are starting over with new pups. But we've always wondered what Kayla was. Our best guesses were: Border collie, Australian Shepherd, German Shepherd, and who knows what else? Let us know what you think! We are hoping to find...
  14. What breeds do you think Kozmo was?

    Dog Breeds
    We had Kozmo for 9 years and lost him unexpectedly two years ago. Now the time has come to find a new puppy and we've always wondered what breeds Kozmo had in him that made him so great. My wife and I always see different things in him. we've assumed Red Heeler, Beagle, Lab, Spaniel-maybe...
  15. Dog showing aggression with new kitten

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone, I hope this is the right category for my problem. A little info/sorry for the length: We have a roughly 2 year old pit mix we adopted a year and a half ago named Dandelion (Dandy). When we brought her home we had a 9 y/o cat, Lucy. We introduced them slowly, Lucy wasn't thrilled...
  16. Want to know what breed my dog is!

    Dog Breeds
    Hi there! I'm new to the forum. I was wondering if anybody would be able to help figure out what breed my dog Pinto is (most likely a mix). My boyfriend and I have been between a few different breeds. For the longest time we had thought Jack Russel mix but after searching the internet, I'm...
  17. Wisdom Panel results are in... Siberian Husky + Chihuahua mix (?!!?)

    Dog Breeds
    So... the rescue I got my puppy from in Texas said they thought she was a Malamute mix of some kind. After a month with her I was thinking she is a Siberian Husky mixed with Border Collie (she's been herding everyone but me when they get near her food). Wisdom Panel results came back today...
  18. What do you think is in this hound mix?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello! Ever since I adopted her a bit over a year ago, I've wondered what breeds might be in Roxy. The SPCA had her listed as a hound mix, but when she was at my school they labelled her as a GSD mix. Personally I think students just messed up with the GSD label. I definitely think she has some...
  19. Boxer/beagle Mix Questions.

    Dog Breeds
    Hello everyone! I just adopted a boxer/beagle mix that is being picked up on the 25th and I have a few questions! As we all know most mixes get the best of the mixed dog's personalities but never owning a boxer or beagle, what do we expect from them? Kid friendly? Dog friendly? Jumpy? Easy on...
  20. Hello everyone!

    Hey everyone! My name is Ali and I just adopted a little boxer/beagle mix named Fitz. I'm driving to pick him up on the 25th and I couldn't be any more happier. I am joining this site for info on basic training and other puppy related issues that are probably going to pop up. I also want to...