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  1. Help identifying breed!

    General Dog Discussion
    She's about six months and medium sized... Just curious as to what everyone thinks she is... Because I honestly have no idea. Maybe German Shepherd mix?
  2. What are your guesses on my mix's mixes

    Dog Breeds
    McIntosh will be 6months on Feb 1st. It has never really been clear on what breed mix his is and we are still unsure how big he will get! At first we thought he some sort of collie, but he out grew his extra long snout... and now we're thinking GSD and... something else? Here are some pictures...
  3. My dog has bathing anxiety now

    Dog Grooming
    *There is a quite a bit to read, just to help explain what happened :)* I adopted my dog from an Animal Shelter when she was roughly 8 weeks old. & I instantly started training her. She actually LOVES water! She loves water so much, I got her a kitty pool one summer, and she played in it all...
  4. Hello from our large human and canine packs in FL

    Hello to all other dog lovers on here, We have 8 kids and 6 dogs currently. Most of our dogs have all been rescues of sorts. One was taken from a meth addict, one was in the pound, two on their way to the pound, and one was about to be given to a creep woman who wanted to take 5, 5 week old...
  5. What breed is my lovely mutt?!?

    Dog Breeds
    I have this great puppy, but I have no idea what kind of mix he is, the guy who sold him to me told me that he was a maltese, but every day that passes by he looks less like one. I would like to have an idea cause I would like to know how big he's getting, I am moving soon and need to buy his...
  6. My dog Zeus. Mix Breed, Lab/something

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    So I been trying to upload pictures here to the forum so I can share photos of Zeus with you, but the link will not open for me. It worked when I was adding the photos of him in my profile. Sorry the photoes are not on the thread so it would be more easier for you to see them never ut if you go...
  7. Trying to figure out what mix our new pooch is

    Dog Breeds
    Hi I'm new here, and my fiancee and I adopted a pup about 2 weeks ago. She's a mix breed but we don't know what she is a mix of. We're sure she has some kind of shepherd in her but we don't know what else. She is currently about 8 months old and is just shy of 20lbs with an estimated adult...