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  1. Help with breed, NSDTR mix?

    Dog Breeds
    Can anyone help guessing what our sweet Pippa girl could be mixed with? We are pretty certain she has Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in her by her looks, size, webbed feet and temperament. She also does the Toller scream but not too bad. She's about 38 lbs! We've ran out of ideas of what she...
  2. What type of dog is puppy’s dad?

    Mom dog is a chihuahua/lab mix and the dad is either a German Shepherd, lab/Pitbull mix, or boxer. I’ll post images of the litter, let me know who you think dad is?! The mom gave birth to 11 puppies, 3 died in he first couple of days, the 8 other just turned 4 weeks old (as seen in pictures)...
  3. Trouble disciplining/training adopted malinois mix dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    A few months ago I adopted my dog Mora from a pound, they told me she was 6 months old and was a mix of German shepherd and malinois. I've owned a few German shepherds before so I figured that this pup would be easy enough to train. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case. She is really...
  4. What breed are my dogs?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi! I recently adopted 2 dogs that were listed as lab mix. They are full grown at 45 pounds. They do not gain weight no matter how much they eat, very skinny, love to run (very fast), muscular, intelligent, kind, etc. My friend owns a greyhound and I've been noticing more and more...
  5. What breed of dog do you think she is?

    New Additions
    This is my 5 month old baby girl, Greta. She was a rescue so we don't know a lot about her. Her mom was a very large beagle and her brothers and sisters are double her size (she was the runt). She has speckles all over that are blue, grey, and black and is definitely a hunting dog. Any guesses...
  6. Clay Davis - Dog Breed Mix Plott Hound / Anatolian Shepherd???

    Dog Breeds
    I was told my dog Clay Davis was a Plott Hound / Anatolian Shepherd mix. They were not totally sure at the rescue. The Plott Hound was listed on the birth documents. What do yo think? Beautiful, loyal, and kind dog. My baby Clay. Yes, Clay Davis from the Wire.
  7. My 6-month old dog seems very small

    General Dog Discussion
    I need help figuring out what my dog's breed is. The seller told me he was a mixture of two breeds, and I do see 2 other dogs that look similar to him when I look up this mix, but everything that I'm reading suggests that he should be about 45-55lbs by now. He was born in mid-November, and he's...
  8. Do I have a Cattle Dog Mix Here?

    New Additions
    We have always been a dog family, having loved three amazing Rotties (all lived to 12 and 13, each died in my arms..) and moved on to Labs once our babies started arriving...We are down to our last Lab, who is 8 and have just recently put our amazing old 14 year old lab to sleep a few weeks ago...
  9. Any guesses on Moose's mix?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi, I adopted this little guy a few weeks ago and am curious as to what he is mixed with. The shelter believes he is 2 to 3 years old and a cairn terrier mix.
  10. mixed great pyrenees?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello, My dad gave me this dog who is 8 months old and malnourished. We are trying to get her healthy again. He was told it was a Great Pyrenees. But the coat is not completely white. She has alot of cream in it. Also her face is more slender then the Pyrenees I see online. Her paws are huge...
  11. New Rescue need help with breed. Thanks!

    Dog Breeds
    Hi everyone. I'm new here and this is the most active forum I've run into. We recently rescued a 1.5 year old dog. She has proven herself to be a very good escape artist, very Houdini. We have a wire crate for her for when he leave for at least an hour because she is very destructive right...
  12. Dog Identification - Black Lab Mix?

    Dog Breeds
    My sister found this dog on her land last night. It is very skinny and looks to have not eaten for awhile. He is all black other than some white on its feet. They estimate his age to be 8-12 weeks. At first glance he looks like a Labrador, but I think he has to be some type of mix breed. I am...
  13. looking for a wolf puppy breed to coexist w cat

    Puppy Help
    Hello, my 13 year old daughter has set her heart on a dog that looks like a wolf, pointy ears a must, simply because she is absolutely loves wolves and has never has had her own puppy. Isobel and I want a happy loving home, but she wants a dog that looks "wolf-like" and is not "small". This will...
  14. Who's my Daddy? Nino, future dog

    New Additions
    Finally caved & went to photobucket to load pics, hope this works. [/URL][/IMG] This is a rescue who is to be flown in from the Caribbean after Christmas. Super obvious border collie mix (well, I and the rescue org think so), but any guesses on the other half?
  15. Unsure of our newest dog's breed?

    Dog Breeds
    So, my mom and I volunteer with a local rescue, and fell in love with one of the dogs we helped to transport and foster, and she is officially ours! Initially, they told us that she was a small beagle. She definitely looks really... beagle-y... but she doesn't look like she's all beagle. In the...
  16. Should new Golden Retriever puppy be Male or Female?

    General Dog Discussion
    We are considering adopting a Golden Retriever or Golden Mix Puppy in the next few months. We have a 7 yr old spayed female dog, Licorice, currently, who we have had since she was 8 weeks. We think she is mostly a German Shepard/ Corgi mix. Licorice is generally good with other dogs, but she...
  17. What breed is my dog?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello! My four month old puppy is a Schipperke mix. We adopted him from the CCSPCA. I was wondering if anyone could guess what else he is mixed with?
  18. Please help guess my puppy's breed!

    Dog Breeds
    The shelter had her listed as "hound" mix, though I'm not totally sold on that as a mix-in. Posy's pretty big - vet guesses she'll reach the 80s. She has webbed toes, floppy ears, broad chest, and long tail. My best bet right now is some mix of shepard/lab/pit bull. I've just been calling her a...
  19. pls help is he a pit mix

    Dog Breeds
    hello, we adopted a dog, the shelter said the dog was a lacy dog. ( we played with the dog in a meet and greet room for about 20 mins) we had him fixed. when we picked the dog up the vet tech. said she thinks our dog is just a mut a mixed on everything maybe even a pit mix. we do...
  20. Australian Shepherd Catahoula mix puppy? Help

    Dog Breeds
    Hi, I am adopting a puppy and this is the only picture I have. I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback so I know what I am getting into. The picture is of 8 weeks and he has a full tail. That is everything I know. Please provide any help you can I am very interested in what he...