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  1. what breed is my puppy?? Help

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    I really want to know what breed my puppy is. I've recently adoted this puppy, and was told that he is a maltese+poodle mix, but apparently he isn't, he's just this cutest little thing that's bringing so much joy to us. I love him, but I really wanna know what he is. I've been to the vet and...
  2. My new Lab mix puppy has a wavy hair curl at end of tail??

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    Hi, I picked up a lab last weekend, and noticed an interesting feature. It has normal lab hair, and I know it is mixed. But one thing that stood out are his brown eyes, and he had this (I clipped it when got home) maybe 2-3in wave / curl at the very tip of his tail.. It's the weirdest thing...
  3. Help me identify my rescue puppy!

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    First post! TL;DR: New puppy, herds everything, 12-15 lbs @ 13 weeks. The pictures of him in the red harness are from his second or third day home; the ones in the blue are more recent. Our local shelter brought in two litters of puppies, and we promptly adopted one. But since we didn't pick...
  4. Please help guess my puppy's breed!

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    The shelter had her listed as "hound" mix, though I'm not totally sold on that as a mix-in. Posy's pretty big - vet guesses she'll reach the 80s. She has webbed toes, floppy ears, broad chest, and long tail. My best bet right now is some mix of shepard/lab/pit bull. I've just been calling her a...
  5. Little Rue

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    I posted this on the Breed forum but I thought I'd post it on here too. As of yesterday I am officially a dog owner! I've been fostering this pup for about a month now and I just couldn't give her back... I had to adopt her. I've been trying to figure out what kind of mix she is. They told me...
  6. Anyone know what breed(s) my shelter puppy is?

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    I got this 5-6 month old puppy at the shelter. They said he was shetland sheepdog sheltie, but I'm not sure cause his nose is short. My friend keeps calling him a chihuahua, but I'm hoping he's not going to be that small. He's about 10 pounds now. Any ideas?