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  1. Dogs Tail

    Dog Health
    This is my dogs tail. At the vet she had said that it was possibly mites but didn’t usually affect the tail so to see if it gets worse before treating. He was from the SPCA but had been treated from my understanding. Anyways it seems to not be getting better. Does anyone know what this is? Or...
  2. Fleas, mites and other parasites

    Dog Health
    Hello dear friends, if someone knows a dog owner whos dog has fleas or mites and who would like to test a 100% natural product, please let me know (simply send a short message). A friend of mine is working on the development of a new product on a 100% natural basis, which is totally effective...
  3. External parasites and their treatments

    Dog Health
    WHAT IS A PARASITE? External parasites are pretty common among dogs. A parasite is an organism that lives off the resources your dog has to offer: namely, fresh blood (which most parasites drink) and a warm place to stay (in and on the skin and fur). What are the common parasites that might...
  4. My dog has itchy bald area- pics inc

    Dog Health
    Hi there, I've had my 11 month old kelpie cross for two weeks now and a couple of days after getting him I noticed an area on his hind leg that was bald and itchy, after asking the previous owner about it he suggested it was either fleas or mites from her wombats, she sent me treatment which I...
  5. Puppy with harvest mites, what treatments?

    Dog Health
    Hi all, My poor perfect little 14-week old puppy is suffering with harvest mites and I'm starting to feel a bit despondent and am in need of some friendly help! She's been itching nearly since we first got her and it turns out she has got harvest mites. Since we first identified what the...