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  1. Min pin with heart murmer.

    Dog Health
    Rosie is a rescue from Mexico. We have had her for 7 years. We were told she was two when we got her. I think most rescues are two (LOL). She has always been in good health. At her last checkup the vet detected an irregular heart beat. I listened to it: 2 beats, pause, 5 beats, pause. this was...
  2. Minpin mix sleepwalking/peeing

    Dog Health
    Hi, I'm new so if this has been addressed please forgive me. I looked but didn't see a thread about it. Last month we adopted a second minpin mix from the shelter. According to her surrender papers she's about 6 years old and was surrendered because her owner was going to college. (Biting...
  3. Cora's story (saved from abuse)

    Dog Stories
    hey guys! I'm new to the forum, but I wanted to share my pup's story. Cora is a 9 month MinPin/Terrier/Chihuahua mix, and she was rescued from the Humane Society where we live. I was told about her before I got the chance to see her. She was rescued from an abusive home, but I'm not sure of...