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  1. Rest in Peace Kaiser

    Dog Memorials
    This is long overdue, but since I've only been a member of the forums for a few days I thought I'd write this in honor of little Kaiser. Kaiser was a mini schnauzer dog who loved people and, even in the last years of his life, had so much energy and loved to greet people when they came to the...
  2. Doggie Date!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    I am house sitting for a family that also has a mini schnauzer. Let's just say it was love at first sight! The grey one (Jax) is mine, and the black (Lilly) is his new girlfriend!
  3. Please compare mini yorkshire terrier and mini chichuahua

    Dog Breeds
    Hello, I know that the mini/teacup chihuahua is not recognized as a breed, but still there exist chihuahuas which are very tiny. I am considering buying a mini chihuahua or a mini yorkshire terrier but I am not sure which is smaller. I tried to search for the size of teacup chihuahuas but I...